A Window Paving Path From School To College Life

College Life

One of the admirable and delightful periods in a person’s life is college. A person has to have this experience in their life since college life is different from school life. We discover experiences in college life that we had always hoped to have after high school. College Life means something different to each individual. While some students spend their college years partying and enjoying themselves with friends, others grow more career-conscious and put a lot of effort into their studies.

And I was the one who loved doing parties, missing college the next day due to hang-over, yelling at friends, and blaming them for my absenteeism. We all thought of facing Termination Not Granted (TNG). How funny was that even?

College life experience: How is it different from school life?

The most memorable stages of a person’s life are both their school and college years, yet they differ greatly from one another. College life exposes us to a new world where we must learn new things, conclude new obstacles on our own, and make new friends, in contrast to school life where we learn everything in a safe environment.

I also met new friends, hoping they’ll stick by me forever. I misunderstood them because I relied on their words without considering their behavior. One day, I refused to go with them to the party as they had requested. The fact that I had to perform at a competition representing our college the next day at 10:00 AM provided me with a strong justification for not participating. Nevertheless, no one understood and began to ignore me.

Surprisingly, nobody showed up to wish me luck on the day of my performance. I anticipated loud applause from my buddies standing in the corner.

I was heartbroken, locked myself in the college washroom, and cried just before the performance. Furthermore, I still remember when I realized the harsh world I created and expected it will last till the last breath.

How naive was I?

However, this turned out to overcoming a life obstacle. I would mention that, in contrast to school life, college life has significance in a person’s life, and one should always enjoy college life.

A bridge between our student and adult lives

Our time in college is often thought of as a transitional period between our academic years and our careers. School life provided us with the best academic preparation and platform to make aspirations come true.

It served as a bridge to get me ready to be more self-sufficient. I had to rely on my parents to get by in school. However, I developed my independence at college in terms of studying, traveling, making decisions, and obtaining financial independence. It is a valued and very smooth transition where I do not realize that I have become independent.

The most difficult aspect of college life

The hardest aspect of college life for me as a student was leaving after graduation or post-graduate. Knowing that you would soon be leaving your friends, the campus, professors, and a part of life entirely made the final days of college the toughest. Moreover, concentrating on one’s work and entering the outside world as an adult.


Everyone should enjoy their time in college since it is a great and important period in their lives. Our confidence to meet obstacles, and hardships in the future has increased by the various lessons we learn from college life. It is vital for students to engage in extracurricular activities and mingles as much as they can while in college, since doing so will aid in their overall growth.

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