Japan to Launch Interplanetary Bullet Train to Moon

Bullet Train

Even after being hit with the atom bombs, the way Japan jas made a comeback is really appreciable. It always surprises us with its ideas and technologies. This time its train to moon idea has left us surprised. Train to Moon, it might sound funny but Japan, a country that is known for technology and innovation, announced the Mega Space Migration Program By ‘Recreating’ Earth’s Gravity On Moon & Mars.

In collaboration with Kajima Construction, researchers at Kyoto University, Japan have announced building an artificial space habitat and inter-planetary trains connecting the Earth, Moon, and Mars, as the world witnessed the dawn of a second Space Race.

Interplanetary traveling

Japan will make such an artificial space habitat on Mars, whose atmosphere will be similar to that of the Earth so that humans can live there and the climate of mars will not affect human beings. Japan’s plan is to take this bullet train to the moon first, if this plan is successful, then there is a plan to take it to Mars as well. Experts from Kyoto university say that a system called ‘Hexagon Space Track System will be developed for the space bullet train. It can maintain a gravity of 1G even during long-distance travel. The researchers also say that the interplanetary space train will create its own gravity as it travels between Earth, the moon, and Mars.

Since it is just an announcement, we have so much to believe, so much to do. Hope this idea will help us in getting more information about space and exploring space.

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