Fossil Hunter Uncovers and Sets a Rare Stegosaurus Skeleton to Auction

Jason Cooper is a dedicated fossil hunter who received a unique birthday gift request. He got a special dinosaur fossil. Since He Lives on a 100-acre property atop Colorado’s Morrison Formation, he stumbles upon a fossil Once in a while. The place is known for its rich legacy of fossils that are scattered all across the place.

Morrison Formation, A Fossil Goldmine

The Morrison Formation is renowned for its rich variety and quantity of dinosaur fossils. The BBC compares it to California’s gold rush in the mid-19th century where people from all over the county wanted To have a piece of gold to themselves. However, even the biggest gold nuggets can’t compare to Cooper’s 2022 discovery.

A Birthday to Remember

“We looked around. My friend found some vertebrae,” Cooper recounted to a news agency. “I saw tail spikes and big plates on its back. It was still curled up.” Cooper had stumbled upon a three-fourths complete stegosaurus skeleton. This adult male stegosaurus stood 11.5 feet tall and stretched 27 feet long.

Unearthing Apex

At first, The rock encasing the mineralized bones was removed from the sediments. Cooper fondly named the skeleton “Apex” to signify its majestic size and completeness. Although Cooper has donated many fossils to museums for study and fascination purposes, Apex is said to be destined for Sotheby’s showrooms in Manhattan. It’s also expected to fetch $4 to $6 million at auction.

Cassandra Hatton, who’s Sotheby’s Global Head of Science and Popular Culture, mentioned how important the discovery was to humans. As we take a step back and look into history, we marvel at the size and figure of the majestic creatures that lived once.

She remarked, “I don’t know of another stegosaurus matching the size and quality of this one.” Even skin impressions have been preserved, which further increased its value.

The Auction Awaits

Cooper stated that he won’t be attending the July auction, leaving the details to an agent. Instead, he’ll be back at his ranch, continuing his search for the next big find. It showcases the dedication and curiosity he profuses towards his collections.

He and his friends remarkably explained the process of extracting the fossils and preserving them. They also sealed the exposed fossils in protective jackets and transported them to Cooper’s workshop. This careful process made sure that the skeleton was preserved for future display.

Jason Cooper’s truly remarkable discovery of Apex, a rare stegosaurus skeleton, has captivated the scientific and auction worlds. As Apex prepares for its auction debut, Cooper remains dedicated to hunting fossils and hopeful for the next extraordinary find.

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