Innovation Towards Future Held at CES 2022

CES 2022

Lg’s Newest Innovations Earn Wide Range Of Honors At CES 2022

Every year CES invites new technologies to be showcased publicly, it recently happened in Las Vegas in January 2022. Known for its technological advancements, this year LG has fixed innovative ideas on their products that would probably attract customers.

LG Electronics USA has collected many awards at the 2022 event across home appliances, home entertainment, and business solution categories. LG became the most awarded brand with the LG C2 series with recognition in key areas like innovation, technology, design, and value. The tech giant has taken another leap with its innovative technologies at CES 2022:

DualUp Monitor
DualUp Monitor
  • DualUp Monitor

LG introduces a dual up monitor, which is two regular 21.5-inch monitors stacked upon each other producing a single display with a 16:18 aspect ratio. The need for a dual monitor is to analyze on one monitor and do actual work on another monitor, so instead of a horizontally moving view, the vertical monitor is introduced.

In any case, if you have two topics to be analyzed or the same topics having measurements in different charts on a vertical monitor it would be more meaningful. If you have two different topics and need individual attention then we prefer separate monitors. If you have some topic on the graph and below which you need to write on doc after analysis, maybe we prefer horizontal or vertical monitors.

I would rather say horizontal monitors next to each other would be advantageous over vertical ones.

CES 2022 Omnipod
  • Omnipod

The electronics home on wheels was made by LG at the CES event 2022. Omnipod is a modular in-vehicle that is reconfigured in real-time with an AI virtual personal assistant. There are different modes possible like office mode, shopping modes, cinema mode, fitness mode, camping mode, and sleep mode.

It is an upper version of a caravan, with many facilities available where the interior can be changed based on the mood change. If an Omnipod is in the market with a cheaper price, the lockdown and quarantine imposed may be cut down. since only a set of people travel to the required location with all necessary set up. The infrastructure cost would also reduce since all are available in the Omnipod itself.

The Best Smart Sleep Tech

The technology to smart sleep solution is projected in CES 2022. You might have seen many smart beds that give comfortable sleep. Here is the new invention on smart beds with sensors that measure snoring or temperature differences. 

CES 2022 sleep solution will change the way you sleep at night and some are even capable of adjusting your body needs.

Sleepme Dock Pro Sleep System
Dock Pro + Sleepme Insight Tracker
  • Sleepme Dock Pro Sleep System

Sleepme Dock Pro sleep system is a cooling system designed by hydro layer technology with features like cooling area and greater stretch rate to make sleep better. The ultra-thin tracker fits underneath the mattress pad which tracks heart rate, respiratory rate, in-bed temperature, and more. It is also possible to set the entire system to air-plane mode to reduce EMF emission while the unit runs. 

Some people don’t sleep due to stress, work pressure, and tension. The new smart sleep tech bed would help with technology by reducing the temperature, measuring body health.

Sleep Number 360
  • Ergomotion

Ergomotion launches three separate products at CES 2022, one is sleep number 360. It is adjustable both at the head and foot of the bed so that the body feels more comfortable. The anti-snoring feature enabled which can also be used as an alternative to the alarm clock feature. 

Secondly, ErgoSportive is designed for athletes which measures how much you sleep, how many calories you burn during sleep vs awake. Your stress level, fatigue, and recovery index.

Other than that they have Quest Connect, an adjustable bed base that lets customers create specific automation for their bedrooms. Like anti-snore, raise-to-awake feature, customizable evening feature.

Ergomotion has many features which aid in sleeping better. Sleep is important to the body which defines overall health. Maybe the future beds with technology targeting kids and elders are more demanding.

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