Google Giving Its Employees Free E-Scooters To Bring Back Them To Workplaces

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Two years after the pandemic fully changes the work patterns, employers are doubling down on office real estate, and are not very comfortable with transporting them to workplaces on the contrary they are more familiar with functioning at home. To solve this kind of issue, Google has taken its option to pay billions on increasing its footprint over the course of the pandemic, a symbol that staff eventually come to workplaces. And simply just in case, it runs into any friction, Google has shown a temperament to spend cash on perks to entice employees back.

 “People got really accustomed to working from home. And they’re just trying to do everything they can to improve the experience of coming back,” added Unagi founder and chief operating officer David Hyman.

What’s The state of affairs?

The tech-giant Google is teaming up with e-scooter maker Unagi to launch a program referred to as “Ride Scoot.” Google’s US-based workers can get Liquidatet for the total price of a monthly subscription to Unagi’s fashionable Model One scooter. The Model One, which retails for $990, may be a lightweight dual-motor scooter with a high speed of 20mph and a range of 15.5 miles.

Additionally, last year to boost over $10 million in working capital funding, the Oakland-based company conjointly launched a subscription as another possession for $49 a month. There’s also a $50 sign-up fee, maintenance, and insurance from scooter thieving or harm are enclosed within the monthly fee.

What’s Unagi about to do?

Unagi won’t simply be handing out free scooters to each Google employee. Unagi plans to line up booths at numerous Google offices locations. And planning to sign in staff for a monthly scooter subscription at the discounted rate of $44.10 per month, and the $50 enrollment fee, the full of which can be totally reimbursable by Google.

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