10 Slice of Life Movies That Will Change Your Views

slice of life movie

Slice of life describes the depiction of mundane experiences exceedingly in art and entertainment. In 10 slice of life movies that will change your views list, a slice of life refers to naturalism, whereas in the literary formulation it’s a narrative technique. Within which an ostensibly absolute sequence of events in a character’s life is presented, typically lacking plot development, conflict, and exposition, furthermore as often having an open ending.

In theatrical parlance, the term slice of life refers to a realistic illustration of real-life, generally used as an adjective, as in “a play with ‘slice of life’ dialogues”. The term originated by French writer Jean Jullien between 1890 and 1895 as an expression of the French phrase “tranche de vie”.

However, that’s been said we refer you to watch our favorite slice of life movies that you may like, 10 slice of life movies that will change your views mentioned here…

Slice of Life Movies

House of Hummingbird (2018)

The movie is set in 1994, and South Korea’s capital Seoul is facing massive, fast changes. The unrest is mirrored by tons of its residents, together with Eun-hee, a malcontent immature with a less-than-stellar home and faculty life. She manages to induce by with the assistance of her friends and lovers, that’s till they alter too, and Eun-hee is forced to grapple with the volatility of it all. 

Sensitively told and genuinely captivating on the 10 slice of life movies that will change your views list, House of Hummingbird could be a stellar debut by writer-director Kim Bo-ra. Her command shines in however young player Park Ji-hoo dynamically portrays Eun-hee, in how the story meanders however ne’er loses footing, and in how every frame displays a quiet gorgeousness because the primary colour of her youth pop against the light scenery of urbanized Seoul. the fragile balance of these parts is bound to evoke a sincere, profound feeling in each viewer. 

Slice of Life Movies

Poetry (2011)

Granny Mi Ja works part-time as a caretaker and struggles to lift a teenager grandchild by herself. Despite her powerful situation, she speaks softly, dresses fashionably, and approaches the globe with child-like curiosity. Enrolling in an exceeding poetry class, she endeavors to capture life in verse form, however, her straightforward dream of finishing a verse form is stalled by the first signs of Alzheimer’s unwellness and therefore the significant money and emotional burden of her grandson’s surprising wrongdoing.

Poetry could be a masterpiece in the 10 slice of life movies that will change your views list, from one of South Korea’s most cherished motion-picture show directors, Lee Chang-dong. the easy story follows the lifestyle of a grandmother, Mija, who works as a caretaker for a living. To fill her inner emptiness, she decides to affix a poetry club with different grandmothers in her neighborhood. Meanwhile, as Mija deals with her own money and health problems, she struggles to attach to her young grandchild — solely to search out that he’s keeping a dark secret. If you’re accustomed to Lee Chang-dong’s works, then you recognize that the movie can tug at your heartstrings. however, if you aren’t, prepare to be moved.

Slice of Life Movies

A Hero (2021)

Celebrated Iranian director Asghar Farhadi’s latest motion-picture show could be about Rahim, a person who is in jail as a result of he was unable to repay a debt. He gets a short-lived unharness from prison, and with a giant smile on his face, he leaves his confinement with the concept of not come back back.

His secret girlfriend hands him a pack of gold coins, that they conceive to sell to repay the creditor. But, as is custom with Farhadi’s movies, the middle of the story is an ethical quandary that comes from one of the characters attempting to be a decent person. The gold coins aren’t Rahim’s or his girlfriend’s, however, it’s life-changing for each of them. elite as Iran’s official submission to the Oscars. 

Rahim is in jail attributable to a debt he was unable to repay. throughout a two-day leave, he tries to persuade somebody to withdraw his criticism against the payment of a part of the sum. however, things don’t go as planned. Is he a hero?

Slice of Life Movies

Tune In For Love (2019)

This slow romance is about in an exceedingly national capital store during the 1990s. A boy recently out of juvenile detention and a part-time worker fall for every different whereas operating there. For a while, their existence is joyful and quiet because they sell bread and bond.

However, the Asian money crisis of 1997 forces the store to close. This makes them request different jobs removed from each other.

As a romance, a tune-up for Love isn’t original however it doesn’t get to be. It’s simply simple and enjoyable. There are very few movies like this among the 10 slice of life movies that will change your views list.

In 1994, on the primary day that Yoo Yeul went on air as the new DJ of the favored radio show ‘Music Album,’ a school woman Mi-su meets Hyun-woo who happens to visit the store she works at. just like the music streaming from the radio, their frequencies slowly are available in sync; even once they’re apart, the show brings them along through ebbs and flows of events arising from each pure coincidence and inevitability, till the bitter reality sets in and drives them apart…

Slice of Life Movies

A Silent Voice (2016)

For the next movie, on the 10 slice of life movies that will change your views list, This animated movie supported the short manga series of an equivalent name. Additionally packs a punch with its drama tho’ there’s some humor in it too. This time, the themes revolve around forgiveness and redemption.

In sixth grade, Shoya Ishida was a cruel bully to his deaf class fellow Shoko, however now, in high school, Shoya is decided to form things right with Shoko before it’s too late. can he notice love, too?. This story is thus easy however terribly deep to know its being but one thing, I may say is this can be as nice as a masterpiece.

Slice of Life Movies

October (2018)

Dan lives the life of any carefree twenty-one-year-old, revolving around a bunch of friends and fellow building interns who feed off every other’ everyday moment, their ups and downs. Shiuli is one such intern at an equivalent hotel, who from time to time is at a receiving finish of Dan’s audaciousness. Life goes on till a sudden flip of events smashes Dan and Shiuli’s lives together, into a bond that’s not like any twenty-one-year-olds. The emotional association between them goes through a metamorphosis that brings out a type of love that is unlike the other eventually resulting in an inside awakening. Oct isn’t a Love Story, however rather a story about love

Slice of Life Movies

Mukti Bhawan (2016)

A reluctant son has got to take his father to Varanasi because the father believes he’s getting ready to breathe his last, and hence, desires to realize salvation within the holy city. Rajiv leaves all his duties and accompanies him on this ill-natured journey. They look into Mukti Bhawan, a building wherever those who wish salvation in their last days will stay. What can be a morbidly depressing story regarding coming back to terms with death, particularly parental demise, is truly a deliberately mundane and humor realistic wrestle with the subject.

Slice of Life Movies

The Anthem of The Heart (2015)

A young lady had her voice as if by magic taken away so she would ne’er hurt folks with it, however, her outlook changes once she encounters music and friendship. Years later, when Jun is attending high faculty. once she goes to the Committee’s space to reject her position, Jun hears Takumi singing and is captivated. She then tells Takumi of her past. Her category decides then to perform a musical for her school festival, supported by the story of her expertise narrated within the type of a fairy tale. As the motion-picture show ends, Takumi and Natsuki reconcile their relationship, whereas Daiki finally confesses his feelings to Jun.

Slice of Life Movies

The Garden of Words (2013)

The film has won the 2013 Kobe Theatrical Film Award. Half of the scenery within the Garden of Words concerned the mistreatment of real-world images being drawn over with Adobe Photoshop. The Garden of Words could be a short motion-picture show involving a fifteen-year recent student named Takao Akizuki. On the 10 slice of life movies that will change your views list, this movie surely changes your views towards life and could teach you something, that’s bee said lets continued to the premise. Takao Akizuki usually skips faculty on rainy days as he’s drawn to the rain and is hostile on sunny days like most people. He often goes to the current garden, however, he meets a girl by the name of Yukari Yukino who perpetually brings brewage and chocolate with her. they begin talking after she responds with a Tanka a Japanese poetry type mistreatment 5 lines before leaving. Takao conjointly incorporates a hobby of constructing hand-crafted shoes once he’s not at school.

And Breathe Normally, 2018

In the 10 slice of life movies that will change your views list, this movie is placed on a story,  Iceland could be a country of immense lands however restricted population – solely regarding 300,000 folks will decision themselves Icelandic. On the opposite hand, eight million people have connecting flights through Iceland each year. 

During this set of mass movements, one mother addressing impoverishment is obtainable an opportunity to show things around – employment as a border agent. On one of her initial days, she comes across an associate degree asylum seeker on a flight from Guinea’s capital of Guinea-Bissau to Canada, attempting to cross with a faux passport. 

Their stories don’t solely intertwine as border agents and asylum seekers but as 2 mothers. And Breathe ordinarily is regarding fighting impoverishment each in Europe and coming back from an area like Guinea Bissau. It’s a beautiful, plot-heavy statement on the importance of commonness and of seeing the human behind the country of origin or race. 

You would surely love the 10 slice of life movies that will change your views list. These movies have their impact some are unhappy some are funny and conjointly relaxing. each movie has its deep philosophy that you just have to be compelled to perceive that’s why movies ne’er are explained through words they just need to watch. These slice of life movies has their masterpiece visual lovely background music and also a nice story. All of the 10 slice of life movies that will change your views are going to be accessible in the revered sources you just need to watch them.

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