Metaverse: The Future of Business and Interactions


The Metaverse is the next step for gaming. A world where once you put on the metaverse VR, you can interact, socialize, fight, and basically live out your life in this alternate artificial universe. 59% of U.S adults expect metaverse to have a greater impact on our lives and the world in general in another year or two. Through a recent study by KPMG, it was found that the metaverse is not limited to just gaming as we all thought. 

 “With each interaction, people are becoming more accustomed to engaging in everyday activities in the metaverse. From banking and telemedicine to learning and working, the medium we use to communicate and interact is perpetually shifting towards virtual,”  said Cliff Justice, U.S Leader of KPMG

Deeper Impact Than Expected

Metaverse is on its way to completely transforming the way that consumers and businesses interact, conduct business, socialize, and work. 92% of respondents who use the metaverse think it improves learning opportunities, such as job training, schooling, and further education, while 86% say it offers chances for entrepreneurship, such as marketing and selling.

Metaverse has further potential to make interactions possible from long distances while giving the feeling of an actual face-to-face discussion. Beyond socialization, telemedicine (72%), virtual shopping apps (67%), virtual work (65%), and starting a business (51%) rank the highest. 

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Current Utilization of Metaverse

  • The majority of current metaverse users are happy with their virtual adventures. The top experiences among people who have engaged with the metaverse are beginning a business (91%), playing cooperative online games and simulations (91%), and engaging in brand-created immersive virtual experiences (87%).
  • Users also report that the metaverse has reached outside the world of gaming and is actively been used in formal and informal settings including virtual meetings with family and friends (73%), telemedicine (72%), virtual shopping apps (67%), virtual work (65%) and starting a business (51%).

Metaverse and its latest developments no longer leave it as an “augmented reality”, but a new opportunity for the world to adapt to.

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