TATA-Wistron In Talks- iPhone Manufacturing In India


Tata Group one of the biggest groups of companies in India has expanded its horizons and services through multiple fields. A joint venture plant for the production of electronics and the assembly of iPhones in South Asian nations is reportedly being discussed by Tata Group and Taiwanese supplier Wistron according to Bloomberg.

The recently launched iPhone 14 series by Apple already has a high demand in India and other South Asian countries. Only in India, there is a record of 4.8 million iPhone shipments; similar numbers are recorded across various South Asian nations. 

Currently, iPhone is known as the principal maker of iPhones worldwide. TATA Group plans to manufacture the Apple iPhone in India to lessen its reliance on China. 

How Beneficial Is it?

It would be a significant boost for the nation’s efforts to compete with China, which dominates the electronics manufacturing industry. It might also lead other major global producers of electronics to consider outsourcing their assembly to India to reduce their dependence on China. 

 The goal of the new partnership is to produce up to five times as many iPhones as Wistron now does in India. According to the sources, cooperation could also lead to Mumbai-based Tata acquiring a portion of Wistron’s manufacturing operations outside of smartphones.

If the negotiations are successful, the move will significantly strengthen the Indian economy’s technology sector and probably lead to the creation of jobs.  The government’s initiative to create “Atmanirbhar Bharat” (Self-reliant India) will benefit from the move as well since the local assembly and production of iPhones will support India’s goal of national independence.

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