Ziflow: G2 2022 Best Software Awards Winner

2022 Best Software Awards

The leading creative collaboration platform, Ziflow, won the G2 2022 Best Software Awards, ranking in the top 50 Content Management Products list and the top 100 Fastest-Growing Products list. The G2 Best Software List ranks the world’s most promising software companies and products based on original, timely product reviews from users.

Anthony Welgemoed, co-founder and CEO, of Ziflow on G2 2022 Best Software Awards

“These awards are not actually about Ziflow, but the clients. Their customers have supported them to create an impressive product that delivers real results. They have increased the remarkable growth of Ziflow to evolve into the market leader in creative collaboration. They have also given consistent, positive feedback, both directly to the team, as well as through G2.”

Ziflow is the market-top creative collaboration platform assisting agencies and brands simplify feedback of millions of innovative assets. Ziflow persists to be recognized as a superior in multiple G2 quarterly reports. Recently, Ziflow was documented in G2 Winter 2022 reports that also had the Momentum Grid® Report for Online Proofing and the Grid® Report for Online Proofing. Ziflow was also classified as a top performer in the Video CMS Software category.

Godard Abel, co-founder, and CEO, of G2:

As we persist to accelerate quick development, our online marketplace brags 100,000+ software and services companies in 2,000+ classifications and over 1.5 million authorized customer reviews. G2 is where you go for software. Our G2 2022 Best Software Awards aspires to recommend buyers on their purchasing decisions, understanding they can rely on the credibility and impartiality of our scoring algorithms. We compliment those companies named to our  2022 list, as they’ve gained pride among their clients as well as an exceptional market presence.

The top 100 software sellers are rated based on a blend of Satisfaction and Market Presence scores for each company, and the top 100 products are ranked based on reviews in all categories they are a part of. 

To learn more, view G2’s 2022 Best Software List and read more about G2’s methodology.

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