Yokogawa: A Suit of Armor Around Your Systems

While we roam around the streets, lanes, and boulevards of the Internet, we sometimes forget how dangerous they can be. Hackers are like video cameras set everywhere looking for the perfect chance to capture your information. Cases of identities, documents, and credentials being leaked are all too common. Even after several steps of verification, security, […]

Karen Simon: “Women Help Women. We Continue to Achieve and Transform”

We come across the finest leaders and the most efficient companies- through this magazine and other sources. Not many sources highlight the leader’s personal life, personal achievements, and moments that matter to them. These moments play a massive role in making that person or company they are associated with. No matter how much we preach […]

Annesa Dsouza: Finance Director – Pundit in Startup and New Businesses

Annesa D'souza

Companies may come and go with the times, just like civilizations can. Great leadership is the key to those, nevertheless, that endure for centuries. The skills of great leaders include inspiring people to see and share a vision as well as driving innovation inside the organization. Investors, customers, and employees all desire a strong leader […]

Brian Liu: Revolutionizing Semiconductors Today To Power The Devices Of Tomorrow

Brian Liu

The Educational And Professional Life Brian Liu majored in Management in Financial Institutions in college. He discovered finance to be a broad spectrum of principles useful in handling various types of businesses across various industries. Before joining the tech industry, he worked as a portfolio manager at a boutique financial firm, where he provided clients […]

Walter Rogers, CEO MontyCloud, Inc., Chairman  Baker Communications, Inc

One of the first things we asked Walter Rogers was why he would take on dual C roles at both MontyCloud and Baker Communications, including all the responsibility that goes along with those roles.  We think you’ll enjoy his answer to this question. “Some friends of mine asked me the same question when they read […]

Kate Taylor’s TaylorCare: On Mission to Disrupt the Recruitment Industry in Australia

Kate Taylor’s TaylorCare

Most of us look at an organization’s numbers & financials when analyzing its success. However, we frequently ignore the fact that the success of any organization is reflected on the people in our workforce and significance of being partnered with the be Recruitment Agency to build your business success. The success of your organization depends […]

Sepp Rajaie: Making Data Security Better and Safer

Sepp Rajaie: Making Data Security Better and Safer

Sepp Rajaie, Founder and CEO of TechR2, came to the United States from Iran at the age of 18 in pursuit of higher education. Shortly after his arrival, the political revolution in Iran changed the course of his life. With violence erupting in his home country, Sepp applied and was granted asylum and then was […]