Family Spirit Campaign: Rémy Martin Celebrates Lunar New Year

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Rémy Martin celebrates Lunar New Year with a sense of adventure, curiosity, and “Family Spirit”. This campaign shines a spotlight on the bond between tradition and modernity among families and friends. The “Family Spirit” campaign by Rémy Martin brings families and friends together at the table during the Lunar New Year celebrations.

Culture Leaders like Jessica Wang: a fashion influencer; Brandon Jew: the Michelin chef; and Christina Paik: a photographer and a stylist will present their heritage and plans for the celebrations of the lunar new year to promote Rémy Martin’s concept of “Family Spirit”. Michelle Watt is an award-winning photographer who specializes in producing abstract narratives with a surreal, capricious tone that seeks to build new modes of looking at beauty and culture. He was the one who imagined this Family Spirit Campaign.

Jessica, Brandon and his wife, and Christina alongside friends were captured in a series of photos with Rémy Martin XO in the scenes of celebration that captured the traditional family portrait seen via a modern-day lens.

Tina Reejsinghani, Vice President at Rémy Martin Americas on The Portraits of Family Spirit

“Rémy Martin’s commitment to the longevity of traditions is showcased in the portraits of ‘Family Spirit,’ which blends the roots of culture with family, a similar origin story as our own. Rémy Martin XO has been a fixture on the table where family and friends gather in the spirit of celebration for generations and across cultures and together look forward to what is to come.” 

Limited-Edition of Rémy Martin XO Bottle

Rémy Martin introduced a limited-edition XO bottle to compliment the Year of the Tiger. These bottles are intricately designed ornamented with gold foil and packaged in a red and gold coffret. This sensory and mindful experience by Rémy Martin XO is soaked in an appreciation of the history and excitement of the future. Rémy Martin XO can be bought at stores nationwide and from online retailers at $200.

Limited- Edition Jacket By NTWRK

A limited-edition Lunar New Year jacket will be designed for Rémy Martin by NTWRK and their designer Sue Tsai. This stylish jacket includes designs for Lunar New Year and Rémy Martin. The jacket will be available at NTWRK for a limited period. 

The money earned by NTWRK will go to Asia Society to promote understanding, boost engagement, and promote the voices of the Asian community. Rémy Martin will also support Asian Society by promoting influential artists and leaders who will bring a change in the world.

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