Immorna Biotherapeutics, Inc. Expands R&D Footprint in RTP, NC

Immorna Biotherapeutics

The Company Also Appoints Key Senior Scientific Leaders

Immorna Biotherapeutics, Inc. is an immune-oncology drug and viral vaccine development company with both proprietary non-replicating and replicating mRNA technologies. The company extends its R&D footprint in the U.S. Immorna Biotherapeutics Inc. announces the appointment of Marcin Bugno, Drs. Ngoc Diep Le, Mr. Jeffrey Carey, Jeffrey Ulmer, and Lan Feng. The senior scientific leaders will play an important role in strengthening its existing strong leadership team.

The company has founded powerful processes that produce non-replicating and replicating mRNA efficiently and consistently. Immorna Biotherapeutics Inc. has also developed technologies for mRNA delivery vehicles including thermal-stable ones. The company will soon transition into a clinical-stage as many of its programs are under regulatory filing. The company’s GMP pilot plant has built up the ability to deliver clinical trial materials for backing large-scale trials.

The R&D presence in Research Triangle Park(RTP), North Carolina will further move their creation of new mRNA modalities and delivery vehicles and diversify the applications of their technology by advancing more drug candidates into clinical development.

Dr. Ngoc Diep Le, MD. PhD., Immorna Biotherapeutic Inc.’s Global Chief Medical Officer

Immorna has a reputable position in therapeutics and viral vaccine fields because of its unique technology. This makes Dr. Le extremely excited to join Immorna and she looks forward to working with the talented team members in developing life-saving medicines and vaccines for patients.

Dr. Jeffrey Ulmer, Immorna’s Chief Scientific Advisor

He is also very excited to join the Immorna Biotherapeutics Inc. team and apply his experience in RNA replicon and viral vaccine development and advance the diverse pipeline at the company.

Dr. Marcin Bugno, Vice President of RNA Development at Immorna

Dr. Marcin Bugno is thrilled to join Immorna Biotherapeutics Inc. He is amazed by the accomplishments of the company in the past years. He thinks that the company’s exceptional platforms in both mRNA and delivery vehicles offer a distinct competitive edge in the rapidly growing fields of mRNA-based vaccines and therapeutics.

Mr. Jeffrey Carey, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs at Immorna

Jeffrey has an amazing record representing organizations to regulatory authorities.  He expertises in regulatory strategy, interaction with health authorities, and directing quality submissions including INDs and BLAs/NDAs.

Dr. Lan Feng, Senior Director of RNA Delivery and Formulation

With 10 years of experience in pharmaceutical research and development in mRNA, Dr. Lan carries an in-depth understanding of formulation/drug product (DP) development across various phases of drug development. Dr. Feng specializes in protein and nucleic acid drug formulation and process development.

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