Participate in Rarest Day of the Year, Rare Disease Day

Rare Disease Day.

Rare Disease Day—dive into the unknown and get to know about the rare diseases affecting millions of Americans and people all over the world. According to NORD, there are around 7,000 rare diseases amongst which more than nine percent do not have any cures. Amongst which 72% are genetic rare diseases. This gruesome consequence spikes an interest to raise awareness amongst people and shine a light on rare diseases which need equal amounts of treatments and support as any other disorder requires. 

All about NORD

NORD is a patient advocacy organization, working to help patients suffering from rare diseases and the originations that serve them. It’s dedicated to specifying rare diseases, treatment, and cure of rare diseases through programs including education, research, advocacy, and patient services. 

Rare Disease Day is held on Monday, 28th February.

Ways to Support the Program 

The organization allows supporters to join a virtual 5k to help and support the patients suffering from Rare Diseases and help the organization spread awareness regarding the same. NORD is trying to bring equality for people suffering from Rare Diseases. The New Hope Run Club and Avery’s Hope are joining hands to sponsor the event. The event costs $35 to participate in and it takes place Sunday, Feb. 27.

These events encourage the supporters to light up their rooms with Rare Disease colors as a motive to portray their support for the patients suffering. Urges to encourage people all over the globe to do the same for showcasing their support. 

Fire departments, police departments, sheriff’s offices, troopers, and EMS teams can “Light Up for Rare” as well. The organization asks for supporters to post videos on social media using the Hashtags like #RareDiseaseDay @RareDiseases #LightUpForRare. 

Virtual Event of NORD

The event encourages supporters to grab their favorite zebra print shirt or toss on a striped scarf and take part in NORD online for a community gathering marking the 12th annual Rare Disease Day! This one-hour event is supposedly packed with entertainment from a star-studded guest lineup and offers a place to connect and chat with other rare community members and allies. This is a free virtual event and interested individuals need to register for it. It will be held Monday, Feb. 28 from 1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

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