World’s Largest 170-Carat Pure Pink Diamond Found In South-Africa

Pink Diamond

The earth we live on still has so many secrets to unveil kept deep inside of it. Secrets about precious gems, lifestyle and building techniques of our ancestors, and so on. According to a report, miners from Angola in Central Africa have uncovered a rare, pure pink diamond that is thought to be the largest one to have been found in 300 years.

The Lulo Mine in the nation’s diamond-rich northeast is home to a 170-carat pink diamond known as The Lulo Rose, one of the largest pink diamonds ever unearthed, according to a statement from the Lucapa Diamond Company.

The Angolan government, also a part of the mine, praised the “historical” discovery of the Type IIa diamond, one of the most uncommon and pure varieties of natural stones.

The greatest diamond discovery in Angola—the 404-carat “4th February Stone” in 2016—was made in the Lulo concession, a 3,000 square kilometer area around 600 kilometers from the country’s capital Luanda.

Why Is It Pink?

No. Valentine’s Day is not for another three months.

Victoria from the Museum claims that this stone’s pink color is the consequence of high temperatures and non-isotropic stress after the rock was formed in the soil.

To understand the Lulo Rose’s actual value, cutting and polishing would be necessary, a process that can cause a stone to lose 50% of its weight. The Angolan State Diamond Marketing Company will offer it for sale through an international tender. The diamond will be sold at an international auction, probably for a remarkable amount.
According to Diamantino Azevedo, minister of mineral resources for Angola, “This record and spectacular pink diamond recovered from Lulo continues to showcase Angola as an important player on the world stage.”

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