Lewis Hamilton Crashes Out Of Belgian GP On Opening Lap

Belgian GP

Lewis Hamilton’s weekend in Belgium was not pleasant when he crashed out of the race after hitting Fernando Alonso’s vehicle. Before being forced to leave the Belgian GP race, the Mercedes driver’s vehicle was launched into the air. His chances of remaining in title contention have also been diminished by his early withdrawal at the Belgian GP.

Alonso was propelled into the air as his front wing collided with Mercedes’s rear right tyre. Hamilton kept going for a lap and a half, but it was obvious his Mercedes was damaged.

The race officials took note of the incident, but they subsequently announced that no further action would be taken. As a result of penalties given to Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc, the seven-time champion’s hopes of contending for the victory were eliminated. The Mercedes driver made a strong start, moving past Sergio Perez right away.

Fernando Alonso tagged him as an “idiot”

Fernando Alonso became enraged after the incident and referred to Lewis Hamilton as a fool over the radio. What an idiot, he said as he shut the door from the outside. Even though we got off to a great start, this driver only understands how to put the car in first gear. “Looking back at the footage, he was in my blind spot and I didn’t leave him enough space today,” the Mercedes driver apologized for his error. Sorry to the crew, just that. What he stated doesn’t really matter.

I don’t care. I couldn’t see him, as I already stated, thus it was my responsibility.

Fernando Alonso, however, stated the following after considering the event: “I mean, he definitely observed the situation and is taking responsibility, which is clearly extremely sweet of him. I was astonished. It was a Lap 1 incident, so there isn’t much to say about it. The stewards remained silent since such incidents frequently occur there. I recall that happening with Lewis and [former Mercedes teammate Nico] Rosberg [in 2014] as well. It’s a dangerous corner.”

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