Mixed Reality: The Ideal Combination of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality


These days, we spend a lot of time staring at screens. Our lives now revolve largely around computers, smartphones, and televisions; we use them to access social media, watch movies, and much more. Both augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are emerging technologies that are revolutionising how we interact with screens.

There is a lot of discussion about “virtual reality” and “augmented reality.” The Oculus Quest and Valve Index are two popular VR headsets, and AR apps and games like PokemonGo are still widely used. They have similar sounds, and as the technologies advance, they converge somewhat. However, they are two very distinct ideas with features that make it easy to tell one from the other.

What Is Virtual Reality?

VR headsets completely obstruct your view to make it seem as though you are somewhere else. When you wear opaque headsets, such as the HTC Vive Cosmos, PlayStation VR, Oculus Quest, Valve Index, and others, your surroundings are obscured. You might mistakenly believe you are wearing blindfolds if you put them on while they are off. Through the use of a headset and some sort of screen showing a virtual environment, virtual reality immerses you in a virtual world. These headsets also employ head tracking technology, which enables you to physically turn your head to look around the surrounding area. You will be able to see the virtual environment from every angle because the display will follow your movements in every direction

Augmented reality

You can view the physical world around you while having digital images superimposed on it thanks to augmented reality. The Microsoft HoloLens and the MagicLeap are two AR headsets that are currently on the market. They are marketed primarily to businesses and are currently more expensive than VR headsets. Without a headset, augmented reality can also be used on computers, smartphones, and laptops. There are many apps that use augmented reality, some of which let you translate text using your camera, identify stars in the sky, and even visualize how different plants would look in your garden. You may have even used augmented reality (AR) before without realizing it when using Snapchat filters or playing games like Pokemon Go.

The Distinction contrasting AR and VR

Despite having similar device designs, virtual reality and augmented reality achieve two very different goals in two very different ways. Virtual reality transports you away from reality. AR enhances reality by superimposing information over what you can already see. Both of these strong technologies have great potential but have not yet established themselves with consumers. They have the potential to fundamentally alter how we use computers in the future, but it’s unclear at this point whether either of them will be successful. Businesses and developers are implementing augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) or both in marketing, education, training, remote assistance, physical activity, patient diagnosis, gaming, and entertainment, among many other fields. Some people might be unsure of which one to have, though.

VR and AR work well together

A symbiotic relationship of superior systems is created when AR and VR are used together. Even though they can function separately, together they provide users with a better and more interesting experience. The idea behind this is to construct a world of fiction that still permits communication with the real world. You can use TeamViewer to implement both augmented reality and virtual reality with great software solutions

Mixed Reality: The Ideal Combination

Mixed reality is the ideal union of augmented reality and virtual reality. It is anticipated that this technology will soon be widely used by consumers and businesses. It is based on making intuitive data interaction possible and getting rid of screen-based work. Instead, these stationary device tasks can be performed by handheld devices. It will be simpler to target centralized data anywhere and at any time, which is the obvious benefit.

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